The Gospel of Luke

“I decided to write an orderly account so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” So says Dr. Luke as he introduces his gospel. Written for people with questions and doubts, Luke’s gospel shows us Jesus in his dramatic, subversive power, rooted very clearly in the real history of the world in which we live. As we set out on Luke’s journey with Jesus we will see how perfectly qualified Jesus is to be exactly the rescuer we need; how he is the centre of God’s plan for everything; and how he turns the established order upside down. 
1. Are you certain? Luke 1:1-4. 10th September 2017. Dave Walker
2. God shatters the silence. Luke 1:5-38. 17th September 2017. Dave Walker
3. Respond with Joy. Luke 1:39-80. 24th September 2017. Geoffrey Firth
Harvest Sunday (1st October): Something better than stuff. Luke 12:13-34. Dave Walker
4. The glory and the trough. Luke 2:1-21. 8th October 2017. Dave Walker
5. What the world is waiting for. Luke 2:21-52. 15th October 2017. Dave Walker
8. Jesus the powerful rescuer. Luke 4v14-44. 5th November 2017. Dave Walker
9. Jesus came for sinners. Luke 5v1-32. 19th November 2017. Dave Walker
10. Jesus brings life, joy and change. Luke 5v32-6v11. Andrew Bellis
“Follow me”. As Jesus goes about his world changing mission he gathers a family of followers who will trust him as their rescuer, listen to him as their teacher, obey him as their master, treasure him as their treasure and share him as their good news. As we continue to encounter the living Jesus in Luke’s gospel we will see up close the huge blessings and real costs of living with and for Him. In a time when we can ‘follow’ and ‘unfollow’ at the tap of a finger and without making much difference, here is something really worth living for.

1. Followers of Jesus listen to him. Luke 8v1-21. 14th January 2018. Andrew Bellis

2. Followers of Jesus are saved. Luke 8v22-56. 21st January 2018. Andrew Bellis

3. Followers of Jesus trust him. Luke 9v1-26. 28th January 2018. Allan Ssesanga

4. Followers of Jesus get it wrong. Luke 9v37-50. 4th February 2018. Dave Walker

5. Followers of Jesus are focused on his mission. Luke 9v50-10v24. 11th Feb 2018. Dave Walker

6. Followers of Jesus love like him. Luke 10v25-37. 18th Feb 2018. Christine Denny

7. Followers of Jesus are close to the King. Luke 11v1-13. 25th Feb 2018. Mark Johnson