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It hurts less to grasp a nettle than to brush against it. The gospel of Jesus is always controversial in any time and place, and no less so now, and the temptation is always to shy away from this. In our new occasional series we will be facing up to some of those areas of controversy in the conviction that through Jesus we have a better story to tell that the world around us either expects from us, or can offer to us. After laying some foundations and asking some hard questions, in May and June we will be dealing with big issues of identity and sexuality, asking what really makes humans flourish. 


“I decided to write an orderly account so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” So says Dr. Luke as he introduces his gospel. Written for people with questions and doubts, Luke’s gospel shows us Jesus in his dramatic, subversive power, rooted very clearly in the real history of the world in which we live. As we set out on Luke’s journey with Jesus we will see how perfectly qualified Jesus is to be exactly the rescuer we need; how he is the centre of God’s plan for everything; and how he turns the established order upside down. 

Real Church: 1 Thessalonians

What does it mean to be genuine Christians and part of a genuine church? 1 Thessalonians is a joyful, affectionate letter written to fledgling Christians which addresses many of the most important issues which we face today as we seek to live for Jesus in the real world. As we start out on a new chapter at Christ Church, here is a timely message to direct us. 

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The Christian message is good news, not good advice: simple enough to sketch out on a post-it note and powerful enough to change the world. During this series we will be understanding the biblical gospel as a story of everything, which deals with life’s biggest questions and shows us the true character of the God we need to know. This series will help us to respond to the personal challenge which the good news brings, and to communicate this message simply and clearly to other people. 

“Fear not, for I am with you” - God’s good news of rescue to a people who had been decimated and defeated. Isaiah gives us an enormous view of God’s unrivalled power, glory and astonishing tenderness and shows us how God has committed himself to save and bless his people in the most unlikely way. Meet a God who scales the heights and scours the depths to display his mighty saving love. 

Chosen by God for a glorious future and also strangers in the world where we now live: to be a Christian is a call to live our whole lives differently for the glory of God. Picking up on our 2016 theme of “Jesus’ people living in the real world” 1 Peter is full of inspiring and practical truth that will help us to stand out as the people we are meant to be – aliens in the midst of ordinary life; God’s precious people with the highest possible calling.

We may well think that prayer is important, but many of us find it difficult to do. How can we have a satisfying and useful prayer life? In this series we will be hearing from God’s word how prayer is not a chore to be performed, but a gift to be enjoyed. We’ll also be sharing practical hints and testimonies to help each other to put this gift into practice.

Do you ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? The forces which drive and change our world, and the people who make the big decisions, are out of our control. In a world where raw power seems to rule, how should we live? Can anything we do make a difference? Should we just go with the flow? The book of Daniel gives an astonishing vision of the God behind the scenes who is in control and who will have the final say; who has committed himself to his people. Hearing him speak through this book will break and re-make our priorities and give us new confidence to live for him.


Jesus: the Contradictory King John 18-21

Jesus turns things upside down, and nowhere was that more obvious than as he reached the climax of his ministry on earth. At every point he contradicts what people expect. In his arrest he shows how free his is, in his trial he proves his accusers guilty, in his humiliation he shows his authority, in his powerless death he achieves his greatest work, and from the cold grave he bursts, full of life. Watch in awe as the Lord Jesus displays his breath-taking majesty and his deep, saving love in the most unexpected of ways.


How do you react when the church in a great city and nation seems in danger of compromise and collapse? Imprisoned and faced with the certainty of his coming death, the Apostle Paul wrote an impassioned letter to his dear friend Timothy, a rallying cry to join him in pouring out his life so that the genuine life-saving message of Jesus might reach more and more people. Two thousand years later, his challenge is still exactly what we need to hear.

On the eve of his execution, Jesus is concerned with his friends. As he prepares them for a future which seems dangerous and uncertain, Jesus speaks to them words of deep comfort and reassurance. Covering topics as far ranging as hope beyond death, the nature of the Trinity, the reality of persecution and the work of the Holy Spirit, these words bring nourishment and strength to his followers today, as he gives us a privileged view of the heart of God himself.

God chooses his people. God’s people must choose him. The book of Deuteronomy gives us a glorious picture of a unique God who is passionate and powerful, and who wants his people for himself. These studies will help us get to the heart of how we can grow together in Christ.

Christians don't stay as they are. Either they grow, or they wither. Churches do the same. How can we grow as Christians and as a church? How can we be changed for the better and avoid the blind alleys?

Exodus part 2: Living with the LORD. God has rescued his people to be with him. Being a Christian is about living with the LORD.  But how can people like us live with such a holy and fiery God?


Powerful, sharp, to the point: Jesus’ teaching shows us reality and cuts straight to the heart. How do we make sense of the messy state of the world now? What should be our priorities in the light of the future?

How and why does God save his people? And what for? The LORD shows us who he is through what he does. As we walk through this epic story of God’s glorious plan to save through his Son, we encounter him face to face. Exodus is the Gospel of the Old Testament. This is our story.

Walking Jesus' way: Luke 9-10. Discipleship means following Jesus wherever he leads. These studies allow us to sit at his feet and hear powerful words that can completely overturn our priorities.

No matter how hard you try to grasp it, life slips through your fingers. Suffering and death come to everyone without exception. But this is God's world, He is on the throne, and there is joy to be had in it. The surprising book of Ecclesiastes has an acutely relevant message which makes sense of life when it is difficult.


Where do you belong? God builds his kingdom by throwing together different people in difficult circumstances and making them into citizens of heaven. As we get to know the first European church, we’ll see how God uses the gospel of Jesus to completely transform who we are, so that we can be his ambassadors in a foreign world.

Life is complicated; but God has spoken. Some decisions we make are obvious, many others are less so. The book of Proverbs puts godliness in working clothes. Listen to what God has to say about real living in the real world.


God has a mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. What barriers lie in the way of this mission being completed? Oppressive governments, racial tensions, spiritual powers and hard nosed people – find out how God has dealt with those things in the past, and is able to do the same now.


The Bible is not a jumble of different ideas and contradictions: it has one big story. This series gives an overview of the main events of the Bible, so that we can make sense of life as God’s people in God’s world.