Meet the vicar

Introducing Dave Walker – an interview from Easter 2011


Tell us about yourself...
I’m Dave Walker the vicar of Christ
Church. Although I’m from the Wirral, I’m
related to Finchley through marriage – I got
married at Christ Church in 2002 to
Sarah who is from Finchley. We now have
two wonderful and exhausting children.
What made you come to Christ Church?
The fact that we love the church and the area. As the time came for
us to move on from my last job (in Stockport) and we were praying
about what I should do next, I felt I was continually being drawn
towards Christ Church. I think that was an aspect of God preparing
us to come. So I’m very happy that we’re now here.
How do you want Christ Church to work in the community?
I want people to see Christ Church as a lively and loving family of
God’s people in Finchley; not just as a big building on the High Road.
We are here because we believe that Jesus is good news. So I want us
to share the good news and the goodness of Jesus with everyone
around us.
What does Easter mean to you?
It’s a celebration of the most important thing that ever happened.
The resurrection of Jesus is life instead of death. It gives me peace
now and hope for the future. It’s everything to me.