Grasping the Nettle


It hurts less to grasp a nettle than to brush against it. The gospel of Jesus is always controversial in any time and place, and no less so now, and the temptation is always to shy away from this. In our new occasional series we will be facing up to some of those areas of controversy in the conviction that through Jesus we have a better story to tell that the world around us either expects from us, or can offer to us. After laying some foundations and asking some hard questions, in May and June we will be dealing with big issues of identity and sexuality, asking what really makes humans flourish.

 1. Beginning with the Bible. 13th May 2018. Dave Walker

"When it comes to ethical issues, who qualifies to have an opinion?"

2. Mind the Gap. 20th May 2018. Dave Walker.

"Our biggest problem is not that we don't know what to do. We know what we should do; we just don't do it." 

3. The Sexual Revolution: has the Church been left behind? 10th June 2018. Dave Walker

"Our society has changed its mind about sex. Christians have often not coped well with this."

4. Telling a better story. 17th June 2018. Dave Walker

"When it comes to sex and relationships, Christians have a better story to tell."