Good News - Understanding and Sharing the Gospel

The Christian message is good news, not good advice: simple enough to sketch out on a post-it note and powerful enough to change the world. During this series we will be understanding the biblical gospel as a story of everything, which deals with life’s biggest questions and shows us the true character of the God we need to know. This series will help us to respond to the personal challenge which the good news brings, and to communicate this message simply and clearly to other people. 

1. Good News: Creation. Genesis 1:1-2:3. 7th May 2017. Dave Walker

2. Good News: Rebellion, Genesis 3:1-7, 21st May 2017, Gareth Mort

3. Good News: Judgement. Genesis 3:8-24. 28th May 2017, Dave Walker

4. Good News: Jesus. Colossians 1:15-23, 11th June 2017, Dave Walker

5. Good News: Resurrection. Acts 2:22-39, 18th June 2017, James Weaver