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What is the teaching about in Summer 2018?

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Grasping the Nettle


It hurts less to grasp a nettle than to brush against it. The gospel of Jesus is always controversial in any time and place, and no less so now, and the temptation is always to shy away from this. In our new occasional series we will be facing up to some of those areas of controversy in the conviction that through Jesus we have a better story to tell that the world around us either expects from us, or can offer to us. After laying some foundations and asking some hard questions, in May and June we will be dealing with big issues of identity and sexuality, asking what really makes humans flourish.

Follow: The Gospel of Luke ch.13-16


“Follow me”. As Jesus goes about his world changing mission he gathers a family of followers who will join him on his death-and-resurrection road. As we continue to encounter the living Jesus in Luke’s gospel we will see up close the huge blessings and real costs of living with and for Him. In a time when we can ‘follow’ and ‘unfollow’ at the tap of a finger and without making much difference, here is something really worth living for.

The Lord is still God: Elijah

(Mornings, Summer)

When it seems like the alternatives are more impressive, his people are so few and justice is denied, the Lord is well able to show that he is the only true God. Meet Him in the dramatic story of Elijah.


God’s great redemption story

Exodus (Evenings)

How and why does God save his people? And what for? The LORD shows us who he is through what he does. As we walk through this epic story of God’s glorious plan to save through his Son, we encounter him face to face. Exodus is the Gospel of the Old Testament. This is our story.