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What is the teaching about in early 2019?

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Waiting for the son to rise: 1 Samuel 1-7

(Mornings, January – February)

The government is uncertain, the people are afraid and confused and the religious leaders are compromised – this is the situation at the start of the Bible book of 1 Samuel. In these studies we will meet a God who answers the yearnings of those who seek Him, who is not content to sit and watch while evil rumbles on and who is not confined by national or other boundaries.


Waiting for the Son to rise: Luke 22-24

(Mornings, March – May)

Jesus’ great rescue plan comes crashing to a climactic completion. In the apparently humiliating defeat and miscarriage of justice of a public execution, Jesus achieves his greatest victory and makes the long awaited kingdom of God into a blazing, life-saving reality.