Coronavirus and Christ Church

As you may well have heard from other sources by now, we have had to stop meeting together for any services at Christ Church until further notice.

This doesn’t stop us being a church, even though we are now a scattered rather than a gathered church for a while. More than ever, we need God’s word, we need prayer and we need each other – these are the gifts which God uses by his Holy Spirit to keep us going in Jesus.

How is this going to work now then?

Live services

Each Sunday at 10.30am it is our intention to have a live streamed morning service, which you will be able to see on Facebook live. It will last about half an hour. You can watch this, and previous live services, at Christ Church North Finchley Facebook page 

Keeping in touch through contact groups

It’s impossible for us all to keep touch with each other meaningfully at a time like this in one big group, which is why we’re hoping that every Christ Church member will be part of a contact group. The idea is that groups of about 10 people keep in contact by WhatsApp, email or telephone. That way we can pray for each other, encourage each other and ask and offer practical help where needed. Each of these groups will have someone who is connected to the overall church WhatsApp group, and so the groups will also be a way of passing on helpful bible teaching and prayers. To help explain what I mean I’ve recorded a video about it, which you can watch here:

Youth & Children

Our youth and children's groups are still functioning - each of our groups is now connected via a WhatsApp group, and is producing and recommending weekly materials and online videos. Contact us if you'd like to join in via our Facebook page or by sending me an email (address at the bottom of this page). 

Times of prayer

Because we are united in Christ by his Holy Spirit, we can pray and worship together even when we are in different places. As well as getting together watching the same service online on Sunday mornings, there will be other times set aside to encourage us to pray at the same time. These will be 7.15 on Monday evenings for half an hour (the same time as we would have unity prayer meeting) and 10.30 on Thursday mornings (the same time as we would have our morning prayer service).

Helpful resources to keep going spiritually

Via the Christ Church WhatsApp group we will be sharing bible and prayer helps regularly. We’re also putting together helpful resources to help families with children and some specifically for young people which will be shared by our youth and children’s leaders. If you have a smartphone you can get WhatsApp for free from your app store.

Here are three top recommendations for now:

Premier Christian Radio – can listen to it online or on DAB radio. A wonderful help providing encouraging music, conversation, teaching & prayer. By far the best way to listen to the news, as it comes in the context of prayer.

The whole back catalogue of Christ Church sermons are available to listen to or download here:

Lock down, praise up! – a daily podcast from Steve Demetriou (ex of Christ Church, now a youth leader) especially good for youth and kids (older than 10)

If you need help or a chat, let me know! You can email me direct on 

God bless

Dave Walker