Sep 26, 2012

The pointy end of the gospel message

"You see this is the pointy end of the gospel message. Jesus is the risen King and he’s coming back soon. And when he does it will be too late to make peace with him...

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Posted by: DavidW

"He’s already done everything needed to make peace now. He has died for us to make peace: what more could we ask for? He’s given us a chance today to be at peace with him, so that when we meet him at the judgment we will meet him as a friend. He’s standing before us with a wide open door. But the door will one day shut, and the problem is we don’t know which day. Today is salvation day. Today is the day to respond. Today is the day for Christians, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to share this message of peace and forgiveness with people. And today is the day to respond to the message by turning to Jesus and being forgiven. Today is salvation day. You don’t know if you’ll get a chance tomorrow."

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