Oct 2, 2013

Spit out that tea...

What crosses your mind when you think of the word “Christianity” and the word “sex”? Angry hostility? Toothy vicars spitting out their tea at the merest mention of naughtiness? Guilt? 

Posted by: DavidW

People get the impression that Christianity is against sex; sometimes we Christians can give that impression. But no: the Bible doesn’t teach that sex is repugnant, it teaches that sex is very important. Much more so than the culture around us thinks.

Because sex is to do with God. The message of the Bible is that all of life is to be lived for God, and this includes our sex life. It’s all to do with God. More specifically, a Trinitarian God who is deeply relational through and through. And who has made us to be deeply relational too.

This relational God has provided a context where sexual relationship can grow and flourish. Marriage is not just a human institution; it’s a reflection of the fact that God has created love and faithfulness to be enjoyed together.

It’s because sex is so important and so powerful that bad sex can be so harmful. In talking about this we’re dealing with issues which are close to the heart of human identity. So where there is damage, it runs deep.

Uniquely, Christianity has so much that can be a help and a blessing in all of this. The message of a loving God who overflows his love to us. A God who, in Jesus Christ, takes upon himself our guilt and shame and takes them away. A God who offers us real relational life to the full.

And in the church we have a community where ordinary, relational, broken people can grow together. A group where real love, given by God, can be shared. I hope you’ll come and see us at Christ Church. You’d be really welcome. 

(this is taken from the current edition of Christ Church News, available in the Bible Box outside of church)

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