Jun 20, 2013

Being a saved dad

It was father's day on Sunday and I wanted to say something to dads and husbands, just thinking through a bit of what it means to be a saved husband, and a saved dad. 

Posted by: DavidW

It’s this: there is responsibility in being a husband and a dad, isn’t there? Lots of responsibility. That’s a good thing; what a disaster it is when men don’t take that responsibility. God sees you as responsible before him for your family. That’s a big thing. But don’t forget that you cannot save them. You cannot be their saviour. That burden is too great for you. The role of saviour is already taken. If you don’t know that, or if you don’t act like it’s true, you’ll be crushed by the burden of it all, or else you’ll run away and hide in an imaginary world.

So as you lead them, lead them to Jesus Christ. Show them how he alone can carry them. Show them that he carries you. I’m eternally grateful to my dad that when he became a Christian he showed me that. He didn’t make a show of it, but I saw him praying, quietly on his own in the morning, and sometimes with us. I knew where his strength came from. You need to be dependent on God, you need to be leaning on God in prayer. You need to let them see that you are saved.

I heard this song last week and it’s been going round my head ever since. I think it says it much better than I could.

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