Feb 27, 2013

Can we trust the Bible?

We had a good discussion at Hot Potatoes last night about things to do with the historical reliability of the Bible. This matters. Because unlike some other religions, the question of 'did the things the Bible talks about really happen or not?' is of vital importance in Christianity. The Apostle Paul says (in 1 Corinthians 15) that if the resurrection of Jesus didn't really happen "our teaching is useless and so is your faith"...
Posted by: DavidW

Now it's true that not many people become followers of Jesus because they become convinced that the Bible is reliable history. Someone becoming a follower of Jesus is much more about them responding to God's call through the message of Jesus which the Bible contains. But the objection "you can't really trust what the Bible says" is one of those baseball bats which people who aren't Christians wave around to try and fend off the Christian message so that they don't have to think about it too seriously for themselves (other 'baseball bats' include "I can't believe Christianity because of the suffering in the world" and "science has disproved God, hasn't it?"). And sometimes when those baseball bats get waved around they hit Christians right where it hurts, and shake their faith.

So whether you're a believer with questions or a non-believer with questions, here are a couple of rescources which could help. The first is a great explanation which covers the main issues. The other is a link to a website which contains some short video interviews with top scholars about common questions.   


The Christ Files - a selection of interviews investigating the historicity of the gospels.