Nov 12, 2012

From war to peace

"That's the reality of war - the pain of it... War is pain. The question for us is what can God do about that pain?...
Category:Talk of the Day 
Posted by: DavidW

"The question for us as we gather at a service like this is what can God do about that pain? What does God have to say that can actually help? Because sometimes religion doesn’t have much to say, does it? Or at least not much constructive. There is some religion that seems to just create more brokenness – the religion gives an excuse for people to make war. It just pours fuel on the fire and makes things worse. And then there is other religion which is really just a form of escapism, a few bland hopeful sounding sentiments, a bit of spirituality, but nothing that actually connects with the broken world in which we live.

"Today I want to assert that real, Bible Christianity is not like that. In the Bible God gives us a radically different vision of the future, which includes the peace which we all long for. But it’s not just a hollow dream. Because it’s grounded in the actions of a real God who gets his hands dirty in the real mess of the real world."

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